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Got a popup message that won't close?

Read this to get rid of your popup message!

As we have said before, no major corporation (Microsoft, Verizon, your bank) or government agency (The IRS) will randomly call you, send you an email or place a pop up message on your computer demanding that you take some sort of immediate action such as purchasing them a gift card at your local CVS.

If you get a phone call, hang up. If you are concerned that it may be legitimate, call directory assistance, get the legitimate business number for that entity, and call them yourself. Beware of using Google to find numbers - Google is full of scammers impersonating other organizations.

If you get a popup on your computer this is what you should do right away:

Step 1. Turn off the computer! Modern computers love to hibernate and hibernate is not good enough! If it is a desktop, you can simply unplug the power from the wall. For laptops and other machines with a battery hold the power button down for 10 seconds until the machine is completely off (this works for desktops too).

Step 2. Leave the computer off for 10 minutes.

Step 3. Turn it on. If it immediately comes back on and the popup is still there, then you likely did not complete Step 1 properly so try again!

Step 4. If you have tried all of this and nothing has worked give us a call. We are in every day.



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