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From the Tech Desk: The Cloud - Good, Bad or "Meh"?


The Cloud: What is it?

The cloud is the currently chic way of saying "store your files on the internet".

If you have OneDrive, ICloud, DropBox, Carbonite, or the latest Quickbooks you are probably already using this form of storage.

Your documents, photos and other digital information is important to you, make sure you know where it is and how to recover it in case of emergency.

The Cloud: Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

There is nothing wrong with storing your files on the internet, as long as the location or service you are using meets your information security and data integrity requirements.

The tech industry is pushing people to use the cloud as their primary and sometimes only file storage location. To support this (or require it) new computer often come with extremely limited onboard storage space (hard drive space). Do not buy a device that forces you to store all of your cherised photos, documents, etc only on the internet!

We do not recommend using the cloud as your only file storage location for important information. Your internet connection may fail, making your files unreachable. And the online services and computers that store your information do have problems (hardware failures, service outages, hacking events such as DDoS attacks that will prevent you from accessing your data.

For important files (documents, photos and the like), we recommend that you do the following:

  1. a local copy on your current device (PC/Mac/Laptop)

  2. cloud backup if your data is not confidential

  3. backed up locally to an external hard drive

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