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BitLocker - The Microsoft Encryption That Just Keeps Giving.

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is a Microsoft encryption program that is intended to keep your data safe. It is a good idea in theory. However, in practice (and in our opinion) it can do much more harm than good. If you do not know your decryption key (spoiler: many people do not) and cannot find it in your Microsoft account ( and your computer fails it is possible your data will never be recovered.

Do I have BitLocker?

Microsoft already enables BitLocker by default in Windows 11 update 23H2 and later, but starting with Windows 11 24H2 there are reports that Microsoft automatically activates BitLocker encryption during reinstallation. The new encryption process not only affects Windows 11 Pro users but also impacts Windows 11 Home users.

How do I disable BitLocker?

You can turn off BitLocker, and unless you want and need it, we think you should. We see far too many people losing important personal data because they did not know they had BitLocker, do not have the key, and their computer has stopped working.

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